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Thread: Magic & Empire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Pace View Post
    Why all the hate for the name I like it. I can recall people hated the name BloodRealm before but got to liking it so give it a chance.
    It's not that I hate the name. I just don't feel it is good. It is bland and generic. Titles are like bookcovers, they can either make or break something. People say not to judge a book by its cover, but that is exactly what most people do. And, when you are trying to market, you have to think of those things. If your title is unappealing, people wont even click to check out what's behind it. I agree with ShadowStalker also, that the name can bring up the notion of MTG, which is worse, for it seems like a knockoff...though it is not. I simply think they could do better.

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    I'm underwhelmed by it. Sounds so generic and boring. How is that better than BloodRealm? They've gone from a unique, descriptive name to something that implies a building game. BloodRealm has character. Does this mean Blood abilites are going to be renamed too so scrub up the game for the kiddie set?

    I don't mind the word Magic in there as I feel BloodRealm is the closest game to match its gameplay.

    Well I guess its not as bad as Hearthstone. Crap name and crap game that relies on Warcraft nostalgia.

    Also don't tell me you guys plan on advertising like all those other games with a busty scantily-clad pic from the game to overcome the name's inadequacies...

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    I wonder how I can try that game? Can anyone give me the website?

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    We discussed the "feel" of the name quite a bit. It doesn't have the "roll off the tongue" quality that BloodRealm does. It does evoke more possibilities for game play. The idea of Empire will be incorporated into game play. I don't know what Josh and John and whomever else will do, but it will have to fit within the notion of being a card game. But that will come later, in whatever form it takes. There were other options we liked a bit better but that had trademark issues or domain name restrictions. I do like how it looks with the logo though.

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    It's a kick ass logo and I like the name even though most don't. Keep up the good work guys.
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    Feels like an homage to (or complete ripoff of? ) Magic the Gathering.

    Hopefully, this name signals the intention of making the game have a lot more strategic complexity and a hell of a lot less pointless/mindless grinding than its current incarnation. There's a lot of potential, but the game in its current state is kind of "checkers" when chess would be a hell of a lot more engaging.

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    Ehr, at the very least Magic & Empire doesn't have the same negative feeling as BloodRealm did.

    When I heard some of my fellow Outernauts guildmembers were playing this I feared the worst and I expected something entirely different than what the game turned out to be.

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    I'm Ok with the name! I'm hoping the best for the game and the developers!

    Could someone tell me if the new game will have some graphics improvs??

    IMO the art is the most charming thing in the whole game and will be glad to see some magics sparkling around or some heavy blow being given by the gods !

    Cheers !

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